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Frequently Asked Questions

Course and Class

What style of yoga is taught at Abhyantara Yoga?
Do I have to pay an advance amount to register for the yoga course?
Does the advance fee refundable?
What stuff should I need to bring?
What we provide in the YTT classes?
Is mobile allowed during the total time tenure of a yoga course?
Can still I do Yoga Teacher Training if I am new to yoga?
Is there any qualification needed to register for a yoga course?
Can I attend to the same course with my partner?
Will language be my barrier as English is not my first language?
Do I need to pass any exams in order to complete the course?


Is your school registered with Yoga Alliance? Is your yoga teacher training certificate valid internationally?

Location & Transportation

Which airport should I choose to fly to?
Arrival & Departure?
What kind of weather can be expected in Rishikesh?