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About Abhyantara Yoga

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Abhyantara Yoga founded by Harindra Chaudhary with the vehement desire to share the knowledge of yoga with others. It offers yoga courses of all level, i.e., 100 Hours Yoga TTC, RYT 200 and 7 days Yoga Retreats accredited with Yoga Alliance. The courses we run are graceful yet challenging that is appropriate for all levels of students, from beginner to lifelong practitioners and moreover, it enhances your life to start a career as a yoga instructor.

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"Bahya" means "External" or "Outer", "Abhyantara" is just opposite to it. Abhyantara is a Sanskrit word that depicts the meaning, "Inner" or "Internal". In the yogic world, the term "Abhyantara" is associated when we are talking about "Pranayama" or "Breathing Exercises". We take a pause after an inhalation during Pranayama, that pause is "Abhyantara". It is actually a deliberate secession of breathing which leaves the body motionless. There is also a term, "Abhyantara Vritti" which is a type of pranayama in which the breath is held uses maximum lung capacity and for the time limit as long as possible after an inhalation. This is known to be one of the main stages of Pranayama that enhance physical awareness as well as introspection. Also, it is believed to be a fighting agent for respiratory problems (like asthma) and increases energy and vitality of the body. The main motive of Abhyantara or Abhyantara Vritti is very simple, that is, to help in bringing the energy of the body system into harmony.


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Welcome to Abhyantara Yoga School!

At our school, we offer you the perfect chance to emphasize exactitude alignment as a foundation for any style one can choose to teach. We aim to nurture your yogic skills and passions to help in becoming the best yoga teacher. Our various yoga courses are open for all who are interested in it. We are passionate and excited in the sharing the precious gift of yogic knowledge with the people all around the world. The main highlight of Abhyantara Yoga is the variety of yoga styles we offer. Our certified yog gurus & instructors help you in building the solid foundation of balance. strength and flexibility inside you. Moreover, our well-professional teachers are committed to safely & skilfully impart sagacity to others through their knowledge and teaching. With the company of other like-minded individuals, deepen your knowledge of yoga's teaching and follow your desire of becoming a successful yoga teacher in a sharing & caring environment of Abhyantara Yoga School.


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It would be wrong if the aesthetic location of our school, "Abhyantara Yoga" gets no credit.

Nestled beside Maa Ganga and in between the majesty of the Himalayas, our school gives an awestruck view that will give you the positive vibes for yoga & meditation. Located 15 minutes away from the city of Rishikesh, "Abhyantara Yoga" is a place where you can enjoy the awesomeness of nature and lost in the holistic world of Yoga & Meditation. The astonishing beauty one can witnesses from our school is indescribable. The stunning Himalayan Mountains, sanctified River Ganga, spectacular sceneries and much more natural factors always keep you in touch with your inner peace and tranquility. Moreover, the mellow sound of the ringing bells of temples, spiritual chants from the ashrams and holy prayers nearby the Ganges will soothe your inner babel and calm your body and mind. Certainly, there is a magic in the atmosphere of Rishikesh that vanishes every pain, every trouble, every worry from the mind of an individual.


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